Tax Planning and Tax Preparation

If you are like most people, you thought about tax planning seriously when you saw how much money that you owed the government. That is when you realized that you should have had strategic tax planning at the beginning of last year for the tax bill now due. Tax planning is not a once-a-year proposition; done correctly, it is part of an ongoing strategy. Set up a free 15 minute phone appointment with Sean Butler to learn how he will work with you to minimize your tax liability through careful, strategic planning.

You will find out why Sean Butler’s clients are well covered when it comes to tax planning and tax return preparation. He is an expert at reviewing your current situation and helping you design a sound, responsible plan that will work for you, and he’ll revise that plan as your needs evolve. You won’t need to worry about staying on top of fluctuating tax laws because he’ll do that for you. By working with him to make tax planning part of your overall financial strategy, you’ll save money and reduce stress, and when the time comes, he’ll prepare your tax returns accurately and e-file them for you.

Tax Planning and Tax Preparation services include:

  • Professional preparation of business tax returns for corporations, partnerships, trusts and estates
  • Tax projections to prepare for and estimate future tax liability
  • Tax Planning to minimize future tax liability
  • Preparation of consolidated corporate returns
  • Alternative minimum tax planning
  • State and Local Taxes
  • IRS Problem Resolution
  • International tax
  • E-file
  • Public company tax consulting