Trust Tax and Estate Tax (occasionally referred to as inheritance tax) and Gift Tax CPA Houston Services

Trust and estate income tax returns can be intricate and perplexing. In Houston, Sean K Butler, CPA, LLC’s expertise has a foundation of practical experience and insight. As an executor or trustee, you will be safeguarded and confident that you are fulfilling your fiduciary duties with appropriate tax planning and tax reporting. Sean will scrutinize your estate and trust documents to make sure that the estate or trust beneficiaries are maximizing their inheritance or distributions and minimizing tax consequences in your estate tax bracket.

Trust and Estate Tax Services include:

  • Estate tax returns
  • Gift tax returns
  • Simple and complex trust income tax returns
  • Special needs trust income tax returns
  • Qualified disability trust income tax returns
  • Charitable trust income tax returns
  • Obtain and Advise regarding federal tax ID numbers for trusts and estates

As Sean K Butler, CPA, prepares your tax returns, he will apply tax strategies that may not be handled by your attorney who is hired for the administration of the estate or trust. Sean will collaborate with your attorney so that the estate or trust will be suitable for your unique situation.

Sean understands that it is important that the estate is closed and the funds distributed as quickly as possible, taking into consideration the most desirable tax consequences. He understands the guidelines, estate tax planning, estate tax exclusions, gift tax laws and follow up that will optimally fit income and estate tax deductions, such as distribution timing and trust tax elections, to minimize your taxation.

In advising you on federal and state trust and estate tax returns, community property, situs of beneficiaries and fiduciaries, assets subject to probate, etc., he will utilize his passion for tax strategy.

For you, as the fiduciary and personal representative, he will always keep in mind coordinating the final personal returns of the deceased with the estate and trust returns.

For you, as the trustee, personal representative or fiduciary you will be advised in regard to personal liability for federal and state tax liabilities of your deceased loved one.