Small Business – CPA Accountant Houston – 2016 IRS Federal Tax Return



Sean K. Butler, CPA, LLC, a Houston accountant, provides a full array of accounting and tax services for professional small businesses. He will help sort through your liabilities, assets, and deductions such as self-employed business expensessmall business deductionssmall business write-offs, and small business revenue. Specializing in tax planning, preparation and budgeting for small businesses, Sean K. Butler, CPA, LLC, will help your small business minimize its tax liability. And, if necessary, make sure your tax extension is filed timely to avoid penalties and additional interest penalties. Call Sean K. Butler, Houston CPA, today to meet that tax deadline! 713-973-5715.

As an accountant for small business, Sean K. Butler, CPA will help you

  • Use tax-law provisions to your full advantage
  • Maximize all of the tax breaks available to you by law according to the IRS
  • Accelerate and increase all available tax credits and tax deductions for your small business

Maximize your small business deductions

If you now find yourself staring at the multitude of forms from the IRS and all you see is how much tax liability you are going to have, then you need Sean’s professional accounting services.

He is an expert at reviewing your current situation and helping you maximize all small business deductions available. He will work on your IRS tax returns on your behalf and help you save money and reduce your stress. He’ll prepare your tax returns accurately, honestly and e-file them for you. He knows the language of the IRS and how to make it work in favor of your small business.

His small business client roster includes oil and gas, manufacturing, attorneys, real estate professionals, and many other professional small businesses.

Tax preparation and planning throughout the year

Sean isn’t just there for you at tax return time either. He will be with you throughout the year to help you develop your small business tax planning and tax return preparation.

As a professional small business owner, you are an expert in your field.  You know your industry. Houston CPA firm, Sean K. Butler, CPA, LLC knows his. By knowing and understanding important tax laws and regulations, Sean will help you avoid potentially huge mistakes that would cost you significant dollars. Many mistakes people make when it comes to taxes can be easily avoided. One of the best ways to prevent these kinds of mistakes is to seek the assistance of a professional tax planner and preparer.

You need to focus on expanding and nurturing your customer base, and we will focus on providing a full array of accounting and tax services that need to be done throughout the year.

You don’t have to stay on top of fluctuating tax laws, that’s Sean’s profession and passion.

His accounting and tax services for small business also includes:

· Standard and specialized small business accounting services

· Strategic tax planning and IRS problem resolution

· Estates and trusts

· Budgeting and financial projections

· Financial statement preparation

· Small business plan development

By maximizing his professional accounting firm, you can focus on building your client base and keep your current clients happy. We’ll handle all those annoying IRS forms, calculations, deadlines, and laws.

Call Sean K. Butler, CPA, today. He’s ready to help you stay on track, and on time, with your tax planning and preparation. 713-973-5715.